Novo Santos (novo23) wrote in thecloset,
Novo Santos

A little something something

this is an IM conversation between me and Danny cronicsgr

CronicSGR: aiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee
DarkNovo: hold
CronicSGR: lol k
DarkNovo: sorry about that
DarkNovo: what up
CronicSGR: no prob
CronicSGR: chillin chillin
CronicSGR: just got back from eating
CronicSGR: talkin to some peeps online now
CronicSGR: you and these two girls
CronicSGR: and my other friend...but hes being kinda ....bad i should say
DarkNovo: oro?
CronicSGR: he's giving me one word answers and shit
CronicSGR: not really talkin
CronicSGR: shit like that
CronicSGR: being knida stank i should say
DarkNovo: well, maybe hes busy
CronicSGR: no hes not
CronicSGR: hes not doin anythin
DarkNovo: could be jerking off:-[
CronicSGR: maybe
CronicSGR: doubt it though
DarkNovo: well anything is posible, even though you would think he would have the common desency to turn AIM off
CronicSGR: lol
DarkNovo: (spell)
CronicSGR: decency
CronicSGR: i thinik
CronicSGR: i know its decent
CronicSGR: so it has to be decency or decensy
CronicSGR: i think its two c's
DarkNovo: aw close enoiught
CronicSGR: lol
DarkNovo: god man, I'm so like in a state of BLAH-ness
CronicSGR: why?
CronicSGR: whatsup
DarkNovo: its like I"m tired yet I'm not
DarkNovo: I'm worried yet I'm not
DarkNovo: I'm happy yet I'm not
CronicSGR: ?
CronicSGR: i kinda get it
CronicSGR: im kinda like that right now
CronicSGR: dont know what i want but i do
CronicSGR: pfft
DarkNovo: uuu I feel a poetic moment comming on
CronicSGR: its hard
CronicSGR: i need a beat machine!!!!
CronicSGR: asdklasjdl;f
DarkNovo: I also feel like writing but I dont want to
CronicSGR: bro...i made like 6 beats last night
DarkNovo: I have so many ideas in my head that they just dont wanna come out
CronicSGR: i was just sitting outside smokin a black with an old friend and he was like what beat is that
DarkNovo: hehe, maybe you should get something for hte computer
CronicSGR: i looked up and was like...i just made that shit
CronicSGR: i want to but i have no more space
CronicSGR: and i dont know of anything
DarkNovo: ask serge
DarkNovo: get a 40 gig
CronicSGR: can you buy me one
CronicSGR: cause i cant
DarkNovo: OMG, diet pepsi tastes like beer
DarkNovo: if I had the money I would
DarkNovo: I'm trying to keep my self out of financial disaster
DarkNovo: and now with the academy coming, I need to buy equipment
CronicSGR: oh jeez
CronicSGR: and i still need to pay you back
CronicSGR: i have like no money
CronicSGR: i mean im gonna be fuckin hurting soon
CronicSGR: and im talkin about real soon
DarkNovo: hm, seems like everyone is feeling the financial strain of this holiday season
CronicSGR: i really dont think im gonna be able to buy anything for anyone eithere
CronicSGR: im so fucked
CronicSGR: it really sux
DarkNovo: ya I know the feeling
DarkNovo: I think the annual trip is canseled untill ferther notice as well
CronicSGR: yeah we havent even discussed it
DarkNovo: I need to get fired from my job so I can get unemployment
CronicSGR: i think the problem lies in the fact that the semester ends so late this year
CronicSGR: lol
DarkNovo: god I hate sams
DarkNovo: I want to burn everyone there on an aluminum stake
CronicSGR: lol
DarkNovo: then poor mercury in their eye lids
CronicSGR: LOL
CronicSGR: your sick man
DarkNovo: then freeze thier jimmy's off with the same shit that froze the t1000
DarkNovo: and smash it with a tooth pick
DarkNovo: and I said with not like
DarkNovo: with a toothpick
DarkNovo: its so brittle that even a feather would crack-a-lack it
CronicSGR: lol
CronicSGR: sorry about that talkin to my ma
DarkNovo: its ok
CronicSGR: she says hi
DarkNovo: tell her hi back
CronicSGR: did that
CronicSGR: ok me back
CronicSGR: my bad
DarkNovo: it be ok
DarkNovo: was reading fate of hte blade
CronicSGR: is it good?
DarkNovo: so far
DarkNovo: very mature
CronicSGR: yeah i bet
CronicSGR: how are the other g1's goin?
CronicSGR: i havent read since like issue 4 or 5
DarkNovo: done man
CronicSGR: ?
DarkNovo: its done, 6 came out like 2 weeks ago
CronicSGR: i thought it was a year comic?
DarkNovo: nope
CronicSGR: woah woah woah
DarkNovo: not that I know of
CronicSGR: how about war within
CronicSGR: you getting that shit?
DarkNovo: hell ya, war within is bad ass
CronicSGR: really
CronicSGR: it started in october right?
DarkNovo: I think so
CronicSGR: i owe you so much money
CronicSGR: fuck i feel so bad
DarkNovo: dont worry about it
DarkNovo: youll pay me back soon enough
DarkNovo: that I promise you
CronicSGR: yeah but ive owed you for a while
CronicSGR: lol
DarkNovo: :-D
CronicSGR: hunt me ass down if i die huh
CronicSGR: ph34r
DarkNovo: lol
DarkNovo: I always wanted to know wat a bounty hunters life was like
DarkNovo: ;-)
CronicSGR: i agree
CronicSGR: i went on a date tonight and this girl is taking chinese right
DarkNovo: hhhmmm, story formulating
CronicSGR: she was saying that one class project you had to say what your parents did for a living
CronicSGR: and this one kid asked how do you say head hunter
CronicSGR: im like BADASS!
CronicSGR: hahah
CronicSGR: i never knew anyone who knew the son/daughter of a bounty hunter
CronicSGR: lol
DarkNovo: lol
DarkNovo: shit
CronicSGR: ?
DarkNovo: your little story gave me an idea for an even bigger story
CronicSGR: ?
DarkNovo: a bounty hunter in modern times, but more agile and stronger than a normal person
CronicSGR: now my first question was his childhood like?
CronicSGR: who raised him
CronicSGR: why
CronicSGR: and nothing spectacular
DarkNovo: nonono
DarkNovo: nothing spectacular
DarkNovo: normal childhood
CronicSGR: why a bounty hunter then
CronicSGR: wait its in the family line
DarkNovo: you know I'm trying to formulat something that does not involve his closest kin dieing
CronicSGR: like his father was one his mother's father was one blah blah blah
DarkNovo: in a way ya
DarkNovo: but I think that his parents would want to get out of hte business
DarkNovo: and they hide the fact from him
CronicSGR: hmmm
CronicSGR: or maybe he is raised only by his mother
CronicSGR: never knowing about his father too much
CronicSGR: like he sees him once in a while blah blah blah
CronicSGR: but hes always away on "bussiness trips"
DarkNovo: only that he sends money everyso often
CronicSGR: exactly
CronicSGR: makin it seem like its child support
DarkNovo: ya
CronicSGR: "business trips" ...i like that
DarkNovo: lol
DarkNovo: litterally
DarkNovo: but how would he get into it
CronicSGR: he accidently sees one of the "jobs"
DarkNovo: he maybe acually caught up in the job it self
DarkNovo: sees his dad doing hte dirty work and desides to tag along with him and basicly gets trained by him
CronicSGR: or maybe his dad was like...uhoh he saw me...he has to join me now....kinda like in his mind
CronicSGR: like the audience can feel taht...but to the kid its more like he's spending more time with him
DarkNovo: naw, I think he should think htat he doesnt want his son in this business
CronicSGR: that and also if he doesn't train him, he'll be hunted down and shit cause he's older and he's the bounty hunters son
DarkNovo: thats tru too
CronicSGR: you better save this convo
DarkNovo: yes sir
CronicSGR: lol
CronicSGR: we're getting alot of ideas
DarkNovo: hai
CronicSGR: ok wait...whats teh main weapon
DarkNovo: well one of 2 things
CronicSGR: is he martial artist or is he str8 up gangsta with the 9
DarkNovo: exactly
DarkNovo: now which one
CronicSGR: wait it could be both
DarkNovo: ya a little bit of both
CronicSGR: like he uses his gun cause its ezier
DarkNovo: have you seen FF8?
CronicSGR: nope
DarkNovo: or played?
DarkNovo: well do you know the main character in 8?
CronicSGR: no idea
DarkNovo: if you dont hold on
CronicSGR: ok
CronicSGR: basically the way im thinkin is that he had told his son's mother to enroll him in this martial arts school...basically stating if you can do anyting for me at would do that
CronicSGR: something to that effect
DarkNovo wants to directly connect.
CronicSGR ignores request; no connection was made.
CronicSGR: but the audience doesnt know that until a little after the training was done
CronicSGR: my bad
CronicSGR: do that again
DarkNovo wants to directly connect.
CronicSGR is now directly connected.
CronicSGR: ...
CronicSGR: this is a very intersting story
CronicSGR: yeah i know about the main characters weapon
DarkNovo: ok good
CronicSGR: i dont like it cause its already been done
CronicSGR: you know
DarkNovo: kinda like that
DarkNovo: like rich says
CronicSGR: but something along the lines of having guns as his main arsenal
DarkNovo: its ok to copy an idea, its how your pull it off tahts important
CronicSGR: but when he feels that the opponent is extra special...thats when he goes martial arts style
DarkNovo: ya
CronicSGR: like the one story that still is in my mind....
CronicSGR: the main idea is his weapon
CronicSGR: in my mind i mean
CronicSGR: like to normal ppl...everyone sees a Bo
CronicSGR: the only thing diff about it is that its metal
CronicSGR: so its very heavy
CronicSGR: and very versatile
DarkNovo: hhhmmm
CronicSGR: but he uses it as if it weighs like a feather
CronicSGR: here's the catch to this weapon though
CronicSGR: durin a climactic fight
CronicSGR: im talkin about someone who is using two swords and basically they are goin blow for blow but his opponent is getting the best of him 75% of the time
CronicSGR: he opens up the bow in the center during a blocking move above his head
CronicSGR: he reveals two katanas
DarkNovo: ah go all kenshin on his ass
CronicSGR: now imagine having two katanas with the handles being like the same size as the blade
CronicSGR: his left hand has a defensive knife stance and his right is his offense
DarkNovo: cant
CronicSGR: bro im telling you...this weapon has been in my mind forever
CronicSGR: the double bladed botana
CronicSGR: thats what i call it lol
DarkNovo: but cant have it defence and offence
DarkNovo: at least not if your doing the story with me
DarkNovo: I already have a character that uses a defencive blade and an offencive blade in the main story
CronicSGR: well i dont know if that weapon would be suited for this story
DarkNovo: WAIT BRB
CronicSGR: im just sayin that this weapon is one that ive had in my mind forever for this story that i have no idea where its going to lead
CronicSGR: ok
DarkNovo: hold on sec
CronicSGR: k
DarkNovo: sorry talking to rich
CronicSGR: no prob
CronicSGR: so how are things goin with that
DarkNovo: very good
CronicSGR: very good to hear that
DarkNovo: I'll go into detail in a bit
CronicSGR: ok
CronicSGR: im very happy to see you happy man
DarkNovo: :-D
DarkNovo: kk
DarkNovo: ok now where was I
CronicSGR: ?
DarkNovo: oh yes
CronicSGR: weapon lol
DarkNovo: me and rich have been doing very well
DarkNovo: and weapon too
CronicSGR: awesome
DarkNovo: hehe
CronicSGR: lol
CronicSGR: hahah
DarkNovo: but ya now to the weapon
DarkNovo: I got an idea about it that my just be a very good one
DarkNovo: and it hasnet been done like this before either
DarkNovo: now his main weapons are his guns, custom .45s
CronicSGR: yeah
CronicSGR: and of course the hunters knife behind his back
CronicSGR: lower back
DarkNovo: but his secondary weapons are 8 blades, 4 on each arm
CronicSGR: sideways for ez grabbing
DarkNovo: retractable under his sleve
CronicSGR: hmmm
DarkNovo: so at a moments notice, they pop out from under his sleve
DarkNovo: do the job and retract back
CronicSGR: hahah
CronicSGR: awesome
DarkNovo: no one knows its there
CronicSGR: yeah def no one knows cause if they do they die anyways
DarkNovo: later on he will have upgrades and such
DarkNovo: tru
DarkNovo: sorta a secret weapon
CronicSGR: yeah
CronicSGR: only used on the very hard opponent
DarkNovo: yes
CronicSGR: how about the exceptional super villian
DarkNovo: guns are to get hte job done, the blades are to get hte job done right
DarkNovo: I think thats where your bow comes into play
DarkNovo: the villan is another BH
CronicSGR: i still dont think that the bo is suited for this type of story
DarkNovo: maybe, but the idea is a good one
CronicSGR: in my mind it was more for a vengeful samurai from the east that comes lookin for the ones who decimated his small town or soemthing
DarkNovo: I do think the bad guy should be a BH
CronicSGR: i agree
CronicSGR: woah how about a brother
CronicSGR: or cousin or something
DarkNovo: ya that would be an interesting twist
DarkNovo: maybe another reason y daddy didnt want sonny boy to be a BH
CronicSGR: cousins...cause like only one of the family blood line should be a BH but that one wanted it so badly that he had to be one
DarkNovo: he may be mechanical enhancments
CronicSGR: hmm
CronicSGR: well keep this in modern terms
DarkNovo: have*
DarkNovo: ya it is
CronicSGR: or do you want near future
DarkNovo: but he still has some
CronicSGR: hmm
DarkNovo: BH's can become very rich, and he had a sponcer if you wanna call it that
CronicSGR: maybe his left eye or something
DarkNovo: research and development through a multi-national company
CronicSGR: yeah
CronicSGR: his sense of sight is that of a hawk
DarkNovo: tru
CronicSGR: hmm...very advantages
CronicSGR: but he's very hot headed
CronicSGR: thats his only draw back
DarkNovo: the company specializes in military apps
CronicSGR: intelligent but hot headed
DarkNovo: yep
DarkNovo: now the other stipulation is, is there really a huge need for BHs in present time
DarkNovo: ?
DarkNovo: if so how can we incorperait it into the present
CronicSGR: us marshals
CronicSGR: hired by them
CronicSGR: these guys are elite
DarkNovo: true
DarkNovo: they are called to track down the baddest of the bad
CronicSGR: yeah
CronicSGR: like not even the government would touch the guys they go after with a ten foot poll
DarkNovo: they do work around the world
CronicSGR: yeah ...chasing the ones that have escaped the US
DarkNovo: they are kinda like hired guns
CronicSGR: and even with some other countries getting into teh fray
CronicSGR: hmmm
CronicSGR: about them two used to work together
CronicSGR: but something happened
DarkNovo: there should be a BH society
CronicSGR: eah
CronicSGR: like only the badasses can come out
DarkNovo: underground
CronicSGR: yeah
CronicSGR: hmmm
DarkNovo: maybe they coyuld hve worked together in hte past
CronicSGR: yeah thats what i was saying
DarkNovo: ya
CronicSGR: something happened where the one "bad" one thinks that the "good" one fucked him over
DarkNovo: one ripped the other off, or sold him out
CronicSGR: the "bad" one has a scar on his face
CronicSGR: the good one on the chest or back or something
DarkNovo: cliche
CronicSGR: kinda like the 'back' stabbing that occured
CronicSGR: hmmm your right
CronicSGR: well how about the ending
CronicSGR: i think this is the most crucial
CronicSGR: i always begin my stories with the ending
DarkNovo: I do to in a way
CronicSGR: everything else falls into place
CronicSGR: im thinking of a couple of things
DarkNovo: I dont think either one should win over the other, a stail mate
CronicSGR: the first is that the battle is long and hard...the bad one goes down and the good one is like i never did what you said blah blah blah...heart felt moment...they make up...the fallin one gets up and then shoots himself
CronicSGR: or some crazy shit
DarkNovo: hhhmmm
CronicSGR: i think thatd be nuts
DarkNovo: maybe a bounty is placed on one of there heads
CronicSGR: can you imagine like that battle is so long and like they make up and shit....the other one says some weird shit an just blows his brains out
CronicSGR: which one
CronicSGR: the one that blows his brains out or the "good" one
DarkNovo: doesnt matter
CronicSGR: yeah it does
CronicSGR: cause it depends on what he says
DarkNovo: well wat if its on the good one
CronicSGR: if its himself then he says something like "here...ill make it ezier for you" BOOM
CronicSGR: if its on the good one its like "i wont be the one collecting the bounty" BOOM
DarkNovo: this is wat I think
DarkNovo: after the long and drawn out battle, all the weapons are exosted, there is one bullet left in the good ones gun
DarkNovo: there is a struggle and the gun falls on the ground
DarkNovo: dramatic pause, words are exchanged
DarkNovo: then the bad one dives for the gun and grabs it
CronicSGR: hmmm
DarkNovo: points it at the good one, and tells him to turn around and start walking, he wouldnt give him the pleasrue of watching his own death
DarkNovo: then says, tell you wat, I'll make this easier on you
DarkNovo: and pulls the trigger
DarkNovo: the good one thinks he was shot, but then looks around and sees the bad one on the floor with his brains dripping out
CronicSGR: thats phat
DarkNovo: unexpected
DarkNovo: but fitting
CronicSGR: yeah
DarkNovo: and basicly everything leads up to that
CronicSGR: like everyone thinks he's goin to shoot the good one...then he just turns the gun on himself
DarkNovo: ya but you dont see it
DarkNovo: the camara is pointed at the good one
CronicSGR: no no no
CronicSGR: the camera pans to the good ones face right after the bad one says "here...ill make it ezier on you
DarkNovo: tru
CronicSGR: then boom....the good one flinches
CronicSGR: like he got shot almost
DarkNovo: ya\
CronicSGR: then he turns around and the camera zooms out
CronicSGR: then blank
DarkNovo: interesting
CronicSGR: thats it...thats the ending period
CronicSGR: nothing after
DarkNovo: we'll have to develope the different chapters
CronicSGR: ....maybe a monologue...but that would be discussed alot
DarkNovo: and stories and twists
CronicSGR: yeah
CronicSGR: multiple characters
DarkNovo: yep
CronicSGR: now the bad that the father or the son
DarkNovo: a female BH
CronicSGR: er....the good one i mean
CronicSGR: sorry
CronicSGR: the bad one is the cousin
DarkNovo: son
CronicSGR: ok
DarkNovo: the first part should be about him becomming
CronicSGR: ok
CronicSGR: and then the cousin is his cousin or his second cousin
DarkNovo: ya
CronicSGR: like his dad's cousin type deal
DarkNovo: his fothers brother's son
CronicSGR: so his cousin
CronicSGR: directly
CronicSGR: ok
DarkNovo: ya
DarkNovo: should be in the family
CronicSGR: def
CronicSGR: name
DarkNovo: just thought of it right now
CronicSGR: you def better save this shit
DarkNovo: could also be the name of his blades
DarkNovo: hell ya
DarkNovo: you know it
CronicSGR: serenity....that could be the kids last name
DarkNovo: ya
DarkNovo: corbin serenity
CronicSGR: corbin...phat name
DarkNovo: :-D
CronicSGR: ok did we just make the basis for a story in an hour
DarkNovo: yes we did ph34r us
CronicSGR: mwahahah
DarkNovo: ph34r the goat!
CronicSGR: if one of us in our group never gets published during our lifetimes...ill be very dissapointed
DarkNovo: honestly
DarkNovo: I acually think that this one has more commercial power than mine and richards stories
DarkNovo: only b/c its simpler
CronicSGR: it is simpler
CronicSGR: and i think its def crazier
DarkNovo: rich's stories are VERY indepth
CronicSGR: it fucks with your head more
DarkNovo: almost FF like
DarkNovo: no wait they serpass FF acually
CronicSGR: like we have to make sure to put things in that are foreshadowing...but like suddle
DarkNovo: we even have a religion for owr stories
CronicSGR: lol
CronicSGR: thats sick man
DarkNovo: yep
DarkNovo: and the best part
DarkNovo: we have a goddess of war
DarkNovo: and shes is sick
CronicSGR: lol
DarkNovo: I mean SICK
CronicSGR: ok man well im gonna go
CronicSGR: im glad we were able to sit down for the hour and do this shit
DarkNovo: she looks like an angel, but shes bounded by chains to the ground and has wings made of swords
CronicSGR: ko 2 hours
CronicSGR: lol
CronicSGR: woah
CronicSGR: thats sick
DarkNovo: YOSH
DarkNovo: anyways, ya I'm going to sleep too, I work tomorrow at 1
DarkNovo: I need my beauty rest
DarkNovo: I'm saving this now
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