Novo Santos (novo23) wrote in thecloset,
Novo Santos


Wanted Child

“Wake up baby, its time for school”
With those words and a gentile shake, the little boy woke. Why couldn’t she let me sleep five more minutes, or at least till I got to drive that ‘Vette? He thought to him self. With a small grunt he sat up in bed, and rubbed his sleepy eyes. Unlike most other school days, he was happy about today. It was the last day of school before summer break, and he and his mother had plans to go to Disney for the weekend. Whistling his favorite Disney tune, which happened to be from Mulan, he got out of bed and headed to the bathroom where he would do all his unpleasentries. With that aside, he ran to the kitchen where his mother had eggs and bacon ready for the both of them.

“Are you excited about tomorrow?”
“VERY!” the little boy replied, barely keeping the eggs in his mouth.
“Well then, when you get home we will have some time to pack before I have to go to work.” She said with a loving smile.
“Now hurry up, finish your eggs, and go to the bus stop. Love you. Have a good day at school.”
“I will”, with that he left the kitchen, grabbed his bag and headed out the house to the bus stop. Before he closed the door to his house, a weird feeling came over him, a feeling of anxiousness and despair. The little boy brushed it off as pure excitement about his trip.

“Ok class, since today will bee your last day of second grade, I have decided to have a small party!” said Miss Penilton with one of her comforting smiles.
“Hey, so what are you doing for summer break?” asked Jake, a pudgy boy that was always full of life and always had a smile on his face.
“Well tomorrow me and my mom are going to Disney for a week, I can’t wait, its going to be so much fun” the little boy replied.
“That’s awesome, beats what I’m doing, I have to help my dad out in his store”, and with that, the two boys dug into the cake that Miss Penilton gave them.
The screaming of children running down the hall of his school was something he wouldn’t miss during his break. He looked forward to meeting Mickey, sleeping in, and playing videogames for the next three months. Although he liked to be around all the other kids, he still enjoyed being by himself every so often.
The bus ride home seemed to take more turns than usual. When the bus finally arrived at his stop, he knew something was not right. Once home, he noticed the door was unlocked, something his mother never neglected to overlook. Stepping foot inside the house, he felt there was definitely something different.

“Mom!” he cried out, but there was no answer. He continued through the house, wide eyed, and nervis, never had he felt so nerves. Everything in the house was dark and the shadows that were made with the little light in the house seemed menacing. As he continued on through the house, he felt a strong feeling of despair and fear. He paused briefly at his mother’s bedroom door. A sudden nauseous feeling came over him as he opened the door.
“Mom, you in he-“ he froze as he saw what lay before him. His mother’s body lay flat on the bed with her left arm dangling from the edge. A large pool of blood was collecting under her arm.
The boy was frozen in place, not believing what he was seeing in front of him. Suddenly he felt a sharp pinch to the bottom of his neck. He turned around to see what had caused the pain. A tall man was standing there, clad in black; a mask suitable for a ninja covered the man’s face. The boy’s knees started to give way, and he started to feel light headed, the injected drugs were starting to take affect.
“I have found you Evin Osiris.” The little boy heard the man say, just before he passed out.
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